Bonvicini Fashion Gallery and Stores

in Montecatini Terme in the heart of Tuscany is a place where the collections of the most prestigious international brands are offered.
The top Italian designers are in first place, but there are also French designers, and emerging English or American designers.
Our buyers and our 35 personal shoppers will guide you to your purchases, advising you and personalizing your choices. choices, following an important concept contained in the word MIXING.
everyone has their own outfit, without necessarily having to adapt to just one brand.
Innovative and unique looks for each customer for a total look and a mix of accessories such as shoes, bags, and necklaces to combine with extraordinary clothes.
more than 1000 square meters ……….
Each season opens with a new trend, with different proportions of the line, which in the chaos of the global offer, finds in our store an innovative and colorful selection or two-tone white-black, colors that always stand out in the summer or winter seasons.
We are in Montecatini Terme to offer you an unforgettable Shopping Experience
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